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Platzi wants to help entrepreneurs understand the relevance of public relations in their positioning strategy through this workshop

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Do you remember the last time you paid attention to a commercial or an advertisement that increased your loyalty to a brand?

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Public <b>relations</b> , as a <b>marketing</b> category, has evolved over the last five years and the pandemic has accelerated much of this change: today users are reading and spending more time on their mobiles and, therefore, media consumption on the digital plane is more relevant than ever.

Today, companies and entrepreneurs who want to take their brand communication to another level must master technology to make public relations that work and are effective in attracting their audiences.

Given this, Platzi, an online education platform, developed the Public Relations Workshop for Digital Marketing , with the aim of helping companies and entrepreneurs understand the relevance of public relations in their web positioning strategy and, at the same time , give them the digital tools they need to get media coverage and authentically engage audiences.

And that’s the key word: authentic. In an over-informed world, full of fake news, but also full of publicity, relevant and 100% verified news, organic information and in-depth reporting take on relevance. The media are the regulator of business information. That is why a publication in a communication medium is important and relevant ”, commented Ingrid Zuñiga, Marketing Communications Manager at Platzi and professor of the course.

Do you remember the last time you paid attention to a commercial or an advertisement that increased your loyalty to a brand? Brand positioning, reputation and credibility are largely the result of public relations and even more powerful than advertising.

Today, however, technology and various strategies that incorporate digital have been added to amplify traditional coverage.

“Editors and reporters are looking for great stories to share with their audiences. However, there is a possibility that they will incorporate other digital attributes to complement, and if they have a reason to add a hyperlink, an image or a video to their story, they will do it, but only if it adds value. This approach requires foresight and planning, which is something an experienced public relations team will recognize, ”added Zúñiga.

With the pandemic and accelerating adoption of technology, many industries have been heralded. Despite this, those that integrate the technological component to a greater extent, will triumph no matter how traditional they may seem. “ Yes, many industries are dying. But if your company recognizes the change and learns to integrate technology into its media relations, its experience will be more valuable, “he said.

If you want to strengthen the marketing and public relations strategy of your company and know the impact it can have, it is time to strengthen the skills of your team with the Public Relations for Digital Marketing workshop. There you will also learn how to enrich your marketing strategy with public relations, what is the impact of digital public relations on SEO strategy, what to consider before starting a campaign and, of course, how to measure the impact of your public relations strategy. digital for best results.

To register, enter here: Platzi Workshop on Public Relations for Digital Marketing .



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