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it will incorporate video games into its content

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The company has analyzed different strategies to diversify its market and has decided to include video games.

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With the creation of new platforms like <b>Disney Plus</b> , competition from <b><i>streaming</i></b> has increased. Not to be left behind, the media giant <b>Netflix</b> has been looking for options to continue growing and diversify the product it offers to its customers. According to <a href="https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-14/netflix-plans-to-offer-video-games-in-expansion-beyond-films-tv" rel="follow">an investigation by <i>Bloomberg</i></a> , Netflix has already started looking for a way to join the world of <a href="https://www.entrepreneur.com/topic/gaming" rel="follow noopener" target="_self"><i>gaming</i></a> <b><i>.</i></b>

The specialized site LevelUp reported that the company hired former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive Mike Verdu as its new director of game development. Verdu will work directly under Greg Peters, who is Netflix’s chief operating officer.

Video games will appear as a new genre, similar to what they did with documentaries and standup specials. So far it does not seem that it will charge more for access to this content. At the moment no more information has been shared, so we do not know exactly what steps the streaming platform will take.

Do you think Netflix will be successful in the world of video games?



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