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How This Entrepreneur Went From Freelancer To Serial Entrepreneur

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Most entrepreneurs face innumerable hurdles starting a business, and oftentimes their journey is unpredictable. Ultimately, determination, grit, and nimbleness drive them to success. 

That’s the lesson that Vikramsinh Parmar’s story can teach to budding entrepreneurs. His path started first as a freelancer. Today, he has numerous business interest and is the the founder of LawTally, a growing legal tech startup that’s becoming a favored marketing channel for lawyers across the United States. Here’s his story.

Starting from rock-bottom

Vikramsinh story starts in a jail cell in rural India in 2014, where he was serving time for taking part in what turned out to be sophisticated online fraud.

Vikramsinh, a college student with excellent web development skills, had been duped into building a website for a self-claimed government official. It was an error that cost him his reputation, left him deep in debt, and put him on the verge of getting expelled from college where he had been studying to earn a computer science degree.

With the support of an understanding school administrator and supportive family and friends, he was able to resume his studies, but often went hungry due to financial hardships. 

A new door opens

It wasn’t long before a senior classmate, Dhaval Sanghani, offered Vikramsinh an opportunity to assist him with an SEO project for one of his clients. For Vikramsinh, this was a transformative event, as he was able to develop first hand new marketing skills.

He soon enrolled onto Freelancer.com, and within a couple of years, had a portfolio of over 300 completed projects and an excellent five-star client rating. That reputational advantage helped Vikramsinh expand his clientele as he became a seven-figure earner on the platform.

Vikramsinh developed unique insights through his freelance work. He explains, “Stay consistent and be persistent. Never give up until you complete your tasks and reach your goals. With clients, negotiation and communication are key. You can charge your clients double what your competitor does as long as you can prove to them that you have the right skills.”

The hard work paid off, helping him get out of debt and even save to branch out into new ventures. But it was no easy feat. Vikramsinh recalls, “The debt was huge, and no one believed that I pulled it off, but I know how much hard work it took to achieve it. In the beginning, I gave it everything I had. During one stretch, I won 10 projects and remembered working 72 hours straight to finish them all. It was worth every second.”

From freelancer to entrepreneur

Not content to continue freelancing forever, Vikramsinh began purchasing local real estate with his earnings to create a stable ongoing income source that would free him up to pursue other projects. Before long, he held 12 different income-producing properties and bids on railway development projects with the central government in his native country of India. 

Then, he set about hiring others to take over his SEO and growth hacking projects, eventually employing a remote staff of 25 people to do the work he had previously handled alone. It was a shift that marked his graduation from self-employed freelancer to full-time entrepreneur. In the process, he founded both a real estate holding and development company, as well as a thriving SEO consultancy. 

Aiming for a bigger market

At this point, Vikramsinh started to think about how he could use his internet marketing and SEO prowess to launch a viable new startup. Seeing opportunity in the legal space, he created LawTally as an online marketplace for lawyers. Today thousands of lawyers are already listing themselves with the platform. He also launched  Avik Overseas, a company that helps students study overseas. 

Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination

Vikramsinh shows that entrepreneurs don’t have to kick off their careers with a can’t-miss idea. They can instead take the time to build a foundation that gives them the freedom to develop their ideas, and with perseverance and hard work, they can build a thriving business.

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