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CDMX will be on a green traffic light from Monday, June 7

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The head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum clarified that masks should still be worn, maintain a healthy distance and avoid large meetings.

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                            4, 2021
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The head of government of <b>Mexico City (CDMX)</b> , <b>Claudia Sheinbaum</b> , announced that the capital of the country will go to an <b>epidemiological green light</b> starting next week after a downward trend in the level of infections and deaths from COVID -19.

Sheinbaum Pardo clarified that this does not mean that they will stop wearing face masks , or rule out healthy distance or resume large meetings.

The rate of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in CDMX has continued to decline in the last 60 days, informed Eduardo Clark, general director of CDMX digital government, during a press conference.

The head of the CDMX Digital Agency for Public Innovation, José Peña, detailed the activities that may be resumed or expanded next week.

As of June 7, in addition to the resumption of face-to-face classes in schools , face-to-face classes will also resume in cultural houses and community houses. Nurseries may also reopen. The official stressed that this is a voluntary return .

What’s more:

  • Hotels will be able to increase their occupancy to 60%.
  • Shopping centers will expand their capacity to 50%.
  • R estaurants may provide service until 00:00 hours indoors and outdoors.

From June 1 to June 14 , outdoor sporting events can be held at 50% with permanent use of face masks by attendees. Gyms will be able to do group classes indoors , without restriction of hours. Congresses and conventions may also be held.

From Monday, June 24 , entertainment events in closed spaces, such as lounges and banquets , will be able to open at 25% of the establishment’s capacity. Cinemas and theaters will be able to expand capacity to 50% .

The bars and clubs remain closed.

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